Stocking at neighbourhood press

If you have a zine, put it on the Neighbourhood Press zine bookshelf. Click below and fill out the form to become a stockist with Neighbourhood Press.

The zine distro operates using a ‘sell or return’ system. We will take up to 10 copies of each zine title you've made, and pay you once they have all sold. If not all zines have sold after a period of around 6 months we will transfer you the amount for the number of copies sold and discuss with you what you want to do with the remaining copies. Neighbourhood Press takes a 30% commission on zine sales so please keep this in mind when pricing your zines.

During our shop open hours (Thurs-Sun 10am-5pm), you can drop off zines to us in store at MANY 2.0, 52 Adelaide Street, Fremantle. If that doesn't work for you, please email us at to organise alternative delivery.

If you are new to stocking with us and do not have an ABN number, you will need to fill out a 'Statement By Supplier' form along with the stockist form. You can find a copy of this form below.