Christmas Gift Cards / Saturday December 8th @ 10:30am

Christmas Gift Cards / Saturday December 8th @ 10:30am


Meet us at our studio in the MANY 2.0 building
52 Adelaide St, Fremantle
10:30am - 1:30pm

What we do:
This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to create their own unique and eye catching Christmas card to gift to all their loved ones and requires no preparation or design know-how. During the workshop you’ll get to draw, paint, stamp, cut and paste to create your own Christmas card design. Once you are all finished and happy with your card creation we will show you how to print your own cards on our speciality Risograph printer; a printing method known for its rich vibrant colour and incredibly tactile aesthetic.

What to bring: 
Our workshop tables are stacked full of collage material, pens, markers, pencils and heaps of other art supplies, meaning you can come empty handed to any of our classes! However, if you have any photos, drawings or other materials you would like to use you should definitely bring them, though we do suggest you bring photocopies of anything you don't want to be cutting and gluing. You only get an hour or so to create your zine  so if you have a bit of a think beforehand about what you'd like to create it can make the classes much more rewarding.

What you'll leave with:
At the end of the workshop you will leave with, test prints and 10 copies of your two Christmas card designs printed in two Riso colours (20, A6 Christmas cards in total).

This workshop runs for approximately 3 hours and is designed for adults or children over the age of 12.

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