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printing press & publishing house

Neighbourhood Press is a Risograph printing press, publishing house and creative studio based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Run by Scott Alexander and Nora Mironov, Neighbourhood Press aim to provide the creative community of Perth and Fremantle with an approachable and realisable way to print, publish and collaborate on print based projects.

Neighbourhood Press run a print and creative studio within Stackwood; an exciting creative venue and concept store in the heart of Fremantle, Western Australia. Their space offers printmaking workshops, books, zines and prints by Perth-based and Australian artists and authors, as well as a place to come and chat about printing and publishing with Risograph. 

Graphic Design & Illustration

As well as being printing enthusiasts we also have a graphic design and illustration team that can design to any of your creative needs and see designs through to finish. Our design team are print media specialists, with a genuine interest in creative problem solving.  To make the most of Riso, it is best to have the process in mind during design stage, flick us an email to find out more about our design service.

Meet the dudes

Nora is a graphic designer and illustrator that has worked in design studios in Perth, Newcastle and London. Her focus as a graphic designer has always been print design and coming across Risograph as a printmaking process in London she fell in love with its unique aesthetic. Upon moving back to Perth she set about to create a Risograph press, producing publications with outstanding design thinking as well as the colourful Risograph aesthetic. Nora is also responsible for 100% of our branding and this excellently designed website, so much love to her for that. 

Scott is an illustrator and cartoonist who has an interest in DIY comix, zines and story telling. Scott has recently released his first full length comic Return to Space, an interstellar story about the search for distant worlds to colonise. He runs the press with Nora and spends his time searching for independent publishers producing books and zines that capture the imagination. Scott is also our DIY expert and is always tinkering about in the back of our RISO printer replacing and cleaning parts making sure it's in tip top condition.