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Neighbourhood Press is about collaboration, experimentation and Risograph printing.


We are a small batch bespoke print house and creative studio specialising in posters, flyers, zines, short books and newsletters.

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the neighbours

Neighbourhood Press is a Risograph printing press, DIY publishing house and specialty bookshop based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Founded by a couple of print-enthusiasts, Neighbourhood Press aims to change the way people think about printing and push an attitude of experimentation and innovation in print.

RISO Printing

Printing with Risograph (‘Riso’) involves the layering of unique colour inks to create something visually very different from digital printing, allowing a printed product to differentiate itself from mass print-media simply by the way it is printed. In order to achieve the most striking results however, your product should be designed with Riso in mind.


The Riso uses a very unique printing method to produce a rare aesthetic and tactile quality that is very hard to reproduce by any other digital means.


Winter Risograph workshops

Learn, experiment, play and explore through our range of creative workshops. These workshops have been designed by us, to show you the fundamentals of printing in Riso and to explore printmaking as a form of creative expression.